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Pre-formation activity

Before the actual formation of "Baden-Württembergische China-Gesellschaft e.V.", our working title used to be "Association of friends of Chinese university partnerships", which underlines that originally the establishment and enhancement of partnerships with Chinese universities was the organisation`s focus.


On July 22 in 1983 the organisation was founded in Heidelberg as "Baden-Württembergische China-Gesellschaft for the advancement of scientific and technical cooperation with the People`s Republic of China e.V.". Initiators were the former Prime Minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg Lothar Späth, the Minister of Science Professor Dr. Helmut Engler, Professor Dr. Paul Gerhardt at the University of Heidelberg and Professor Dr. Matthias Seefelder, CEO of BASF.
The first management board at the Baden-Württembergische China-Gesellschaft was formed by Professor Dr. Paul Gerhardt and Professor Dr. Matthias Seefelder as well as by Dr. Wilhelm Schuth, director of the Deutsche Bank in Heidelberg, Mr. Heinz C. Hoppe, management board member of Daimler-Benz AG, and Professor Dr. Wolfgang Thomassen of the Fachhochschule in Konstanz.
In order to distinguish between our organisation and others, we informally speak of "Baden-Württembergische China-Gesellschaft".

Supported projects

According to the intention of our statute, numerous projects have been promoted and supported:

  • Attendance of Chinese delegations of universities, media, politics, administration and science in Baden-Württemberg
  • Lectures, seminars, conferences and symposiums
  • Support of Chinese-German "circles of friends"
  • Attendance of Chinese people who used to work in the industry, at universities or other scientific institutions in Baden-Württemberg
  • Scholarships and subsidies for Ph.D. students
  • Scholarships for Chinese scientists
  • Support of Chinese and German libraries by acquisition of books and archival inventory
  • Build-up of an economic network between China and Germany
  • Cultural events such as expositions and concerts
  • Publication of the semi-annual journal China-Report.


Highlight of the year is a Lecture on the occasion of our annual general assembly where well-known personalities; among others former German ambassadors in Beijing as well as Chinese ambassadors in Bonn / Berlin give a lecture:

  • Professor Guo Fengmin (Ambassador in Bonn)
  • Professor Mei Zhaorong (Ambassador in Bonn until 1997)
  • Herr Lu Guoqiang (Ambassador in Bonn respectively Berlin since 1997)
  • Dr. Per Fischer (Ambassador in Beijing)
  • Dr. Hannspeter Hellbeck (Ambassador in Beijing from 1987 to 1992)


  • Professor Dr. Erich Häusser, President of the German patent office
  • Professor Dr. Rainer Hoffmann, Professor of Sinology at the University of Freiburg
  • Professor Dr. Norbert Kloten, President of the Federal State Central Bank in Baden-Württemberg
  • Professor Dr. Wolfgang Kubin, Professor of Sinology in Bonn
  • Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Küng, Professor in Tübingen and President of the foundation Weltethos
  • Professor Dr. Hellwig Schmidt-Glintzer, Director at the Herzog-August Library in Wolfenbüttel
  • Professor Dr. Dr. Harro von Senger, Professor of Sinology and specialist for Chinese legislation, University of Freiburg
  • Professor Dr. Peter Thiele, Director of the Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart.

A wide range of topics is covered. Next to historical aspects and problems of intercultural communication, the Chinese economy as well as the country's present and future situation are addressed.